Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pitt Artist Big Brush Pens by Faber Castell - Update

Oh boy! I recently received 2 more colors (Light green and Pink madder lake) to add to my collection of Pitt Artist Big brush pens by Faber-Castell! They were on back-order from Dick Blick and I almost forgot they were on their way, when I saw the FedEx truck I said to myself "Hmmm, what could that be? I'm not expecting anything."

What a nice surprise it was! I'm off to try out these new colors and will also post on how the Pitt pens combine with Faber-Castels Albrecht Durer water colour pencils. I recently got the 250th anniversary set of 25 pencils, some of the pencils in this set are the same color number as the Pitt pens, I will see how close the colors match.

I used these markers in my pieces Happy Springtime, Two May Tulips and One Red Tulip.

Heads up on some of the colors if your planning on buying a set: These colors are not in the set of 48!

178 Nougat
228 Bright Magenta
278 Chrome Oxide Green
143 Cobalt Blue
157 Dark Indigo
219 Deep Scarlet Red
121 Pale Geranium Lake
270 Warm Gray I
230 Cold Gray I
250 Gold
251 Silver

I first bought the small set of 4 Classic Colors that was on clearance at a craft store, it had the black missing, so it was priced at $3.95 (a deal as they go for $2.55 Blick online and $3 plus per marker at brick and mortar  stores!), since I heard they were great markers from artist Don Colley in his video, On the Go with PITT artist pens
I figured it was good time for me to give them a try. I fell in love with the first stroke! I then bought the set of 24 and started visualizing getting what I thought were the remaining 26 colors. 

So I'll have to buy the ones I have listed above separately sometime soon, I realized these were not in the 48 set after I was done ordering from Dick Blick online, grrrr! I don't know why they don't have the Deep Scarlet Red in the sets, as the red they have, Pink Carmine 127, is a medium red and not dark enough for me, I have to make several passes with it to get a good color.

I think these extra colors may only be available from online art stores, I'll check at Blick when I go this week to pick up a fine art print order that is ready, YEAH! I'll also take a look across the street (Mass Ave. Central Square in Cambridge, MA) at Artists Craftsman Supply to see if they have these colors in open stock and I'll let y'all know what I find.

Until next time, Keep on Creating!

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