About Me

Radiant Jasmin is a Boston born multi-media healer, dancer, jeweler, painter, poet and singer who was raised in a family of performing and visual artists. Like a chef, she selects each art ingredient to complement and bring out the best in the others. She studied midwifery at Maternidad Laluz - The Birth Place in El Paso, TX, fine jewelry making at the North Bennet Street School and metalsmithing at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Radiant Jasmin has been using prayer, meditation, healthy diet and positive affirmations, along with her art disciplines, since 1985 to transform and overcome fatherlessness, childhood sexual abuse, drug addiction and poverty. She has shared these techniques with others through midwifery, childbirth education, parenting classes, incest survivors support groups, performances, exhibits, art workshops and Girls Coming of Age Rites of Passage Retreats for Mothers and Daughters since 1989.

She has worked in hospitals & health centers as an art consultant curating visual art collections and has lead healing poetry sessions in hospitals for patients, families and staff, bringing a wholistic understanding of the requirements in art & healing. She helped initiate 2 unique surveys involving children and art and the multicultural healthcare community and art and has lead the teams evaluating this information. She has presented at national conferences on art & healthcare and at Boston area colleges on artist marketing & development.

Radiant Jasmin also teaches jewelry making, collage, poetry, theater and movement to children & teens in schools & community centers using fun ways to link art with preventative healthcare info, literacy, math & social studies for a balanced educational experience. Radiant Jasmin blends her skills as an artist, healthcare provider and consultant to help people use art in all forms as a tool for positive self expression and healing.

Radiant Jasmin has been married for 22 years to Haji Shearer, together they live in the Boston area leading their Meditative Marriage Evenings for committed couples and they are parents of a 21 year old son and 18 year old daughter. Sharing these gifts she’s been given is her contribution to uplifting the world.