Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Meaning of Radiant Jasmin

Radiant, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary 1. Emitting heat or light. 2.Consisting of or emitted as radiation: radiant heat. 3.a. Filled with light; bright. b. Glowing; beaming. See synonyms at bright. 1. An object or point from which light or heat rays are emitted. 2 Astronomy. The apparent celestial origin of a meteoric shower. [Latin radians, present participle of radiare, to RADIATE. - radiantly adv. Bright - Synonyms a radiant object radiates light; figuratively the term applies to that which, like a smile, reveals inner light and warmth. The meaning of the name Jasmin is: Fragrant Flower or a climbing vine plant that has fragrant flowers. So for me, Radiant Jasmin means to shine light on the truth and to bring the heat to cold places, to heat it up, as on the dance floor and to shower a beautiful fragrance around the world! And for me to let my inner light shine fully :-) So there you have it! I had to post this because there are a few people who have a misconception as to what my name means. If you you happen to hear anyone say something along the lines of "she should act like this or like that because her name is Radiant, please send them this post to help them understand who I am, thanks!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Dream June 18, 2010 - the Dark Staircase - Updated

I first posted this in my Facebook profile and I have added an update at the end. **************************************************************************************** My Dream June 18, 2010 - the Dark Staircase: That morning I dreamt that I was walking up a high flight of stairs that had no handrail, the stairwell was kind of dark and spooky. I was on my way to participate in some kind of art event, it was very important that I continue through this to get there. I kept trying not to look down, though out the corner of my eye I would see the lower levels, get a little dizzy & slow down. When I had climbing about 8 levels and had only a few more floors to go, I heard someone on the floor I was on. I opened the door, entered the hallway and met a young lady who was probably in her mid twenties, she was about my height, slender, of European descent and had straight light brown hair parted in the middle that reached to her shoulders. She asked where I was going, after I told her, she said I was very brave, she didn’t have the courage to go up that staircase and anyway, with the medium / discipline she works in she doesn’t need to go up there. I thanked her, turned to enter the stairwell again to continue my journey and then I woke up. Update: The synchronistic thing about this dream is I had a similar experience last year where I had to climb up the shell of a staircase in a new building that was being built in preparation for submitting an art consulting proposal. There were no walls at all, just steal rods, so when I looked down I could see all the way down! And it was a rainy day, so it was a little slippery. A few people on the walk through got dizzy when they tried to ascend and they decided to not to go up, but I remembered my dream and kept going. I felt very brave and happy that I pushed through my fear! We didn't get the art consulting contract for that building, but it was an amazing learning experience.