Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I LOVE R & F Pigment Sticks!

Just thinking about them makes my heart beat fast and I want to jump up and down, dance and Skip, skip, skip to my Lou! I'm a multi-media artist, this is the first time I've ever had a such an intense response to a visual art medium.

I am a member of an artists site, ,one of their forums is "The Oil Stick Party", I've been enjoying reading about other artists experiences with oil sticks by lots of other companies. This inspired me to get back to using them.

At the last studio I had before my current studio, one of the artists left 2 boxes of about 16 of the R & F sticks (almost all unopened) in her studio when she moved (the building had been sold and it was converted to apartments, so all of us artists had to relocate our studios, you know the scenario.) I thought they were oil pastels, which I was just starting to get into.

When I had settled into my new studio, I found out just how different they were. I went on to the R & F site,, to learn about them and was shocked to see how much they cost! I was glad I had rescued them before they were thrown out by the renovation crew. She had also left some gessoed boards by Houston Art supply, so I tried them on those, I tried them on canvas board and stretched canvas too, but the gessoed board is my favorite surface for the R& F's because of how smooth it is.

I just tried them on clayboard last night, (that was also left by the same artist :-) they're good on that too. I just had big time fun smoothing them on with my pallet knife, my favorite tool to use with them, just playing with the pure colors and not at all getting into my often very well thought out geometric patterns. I go totally freestyle with them, except for one medium sized painting "Sun Flower", I'll post some photos of it soon.