Friday, July 29, 2011

Starting a Blog

This is a response to Leelee Ramsey's comment to me on Facebook.

"Jasmin I've also been interested in starting a blog :)
Any advice?"

Leelee, just Do it! But really, start with picking a provider. I like google's blogger that's what I have) as I have a gmaail account and it's linked to that, so
it makes it easy for me to use and I'm used to a lot of their formatting. I also like that I can see who is following me if they also have a blog on blogger.
I know other folks who like Wordpress, they say it's easy to convert their
blogs into a website.

What are you planning to blog about? Plan days and times to post regularly so you can build your following. Folks are so used to me posting in Facebook that I have to post other things that people will interest them in checking here.

It's taken me a while to get in the habit of posting and checking my comments

(I have it set for me to approve them) and this month I've made 7 posts, which
is pretty good and I still have a few more days this month to get in a few more!

I'm looking forward to reading and seeing your blog, Have fun!

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