Friday, July 8, 2011

How I Title My Artwork

This post is to answer jewelry artist Traci Lilly's (of Imani Jewelry, ) comment on my Facebook page "where do u come up w/these titles? i love the title as much as the paintings...looking forward to tomorrows :)"

Thanks for asking Traci! To title my art, I look at and feel my paintings / drawings / jewelry & sculptures to see what they convey and have to say. Sometimes it's as easy as just referring to the main colors, shapes and imagery along with sequential numbering in a series, i.e: Red, Orange, Yellow & Green 4 Square # 1 , #2 etc. There are other paintings that I give a certain title because I see a particular image within the abstract formation, as in "The Red Talked to Me", where I see a small shape that looks like an open mouth.

Sometimes I can title them right away and other times I have to let them marinate for a while. I've just started using titles that are questions and adding exclamation points. At first I wasn't sure about using the question mark, but nothing else felt right, so I went with it!

I am also working on a series of one of a kind books on various substrates that I titled before I started assembling them!

As well, I now quickly jot down titles that catch my mind and ear as I go through my day and will create the paintings for them in the future. These can be sayings , a phrase and/or a part of a conversation I have with someone or one I overhear. I am still learning and working to refine this process as I grow.

Red, Orange, Yellow & Green 4 Square # 1

Acrylic on board

24"x 24"

The Red Talked to Me

Acrylic & mixed-media on canvas

24"x 18"

Spiraling into the Gold

Acrylic & paper on canvas

24"x 18"

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