Friday, March 18, 2011

Domestic violence prevention Plate painting workshop at the National Governors Conference

Last July I was invited to lead a workshop to raise funds for domestic violence prevention at the Annual National Governors Conference for the first spouses. The workshop was held at the Harvard University Faculty Club, in their beautiful light filled garden room, it was the perfect place for creating art in! Read more about the workshop after the photos.

Sorting through stencils and First Lady Diane Patrick painting her plate.

Speaking about my work with Art and Healing for domestic violence prevention.

Mrs. Patrick having fun painting her plate!

Me giving painting tips to former West Virginia First Lady Gayle Conelly Manchin.

Great shoes Mrs. Manchin!

Gayle Conelly Manchin with her completed plate, "These shoes are made for walking!"

Those skylights were wonderful, I want some in my next studio!

First Lady of Puerto Rico Lucé Vela with her plate.

The First Spouses and I with our plates!

Laura Van Zandt, Diane Patrick, Mary Lauby and Sue Else.

Massachusetts First Lady Diane Patrick has been an outspoken advocate in the Commonwealth’s ongoing effort to end domestic violence, and has been actively engaged with families, agencies and law enforcement to support victims and to identify and address the root causes of domestic abuse. Mrs. Patrick participated in a Plate Painting Project at REACH and was inspired to recreate a similar workshop here for the first spouses. There were 12 first spouses and they had a blast using their creativity for a good cause!

Leaders from local domestic violence prevention organizations spoke about their work: Mary Lauby, the Executive Director of Jane Doe Inc and Laura Van Zandt, Executive Director from REACH.

Sue Else, Executive Director from the National Network to End Domestic Violence spoke about where most of the plates are going. The National Network will have the plates available for auction online and all the money raised will be donated to an organization in each of the First Spouses states to be part of a fund raising effort for domestic violence prevention. Stay tuned for the opening of the auction!

Mrs. Patrick's plate was auctioned at The 2010 Annual Reach for the Stars...Transform a Life Auction Gala.

I will paint a plate for the 2011 Reach for the Stars Gala and will also have a plate painting workshop in 2011 to raise funds for local violence prevention organizations. Please contact me if you would like to paint a plate, thank you.

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