Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Carving Printmaking Blocks

I'm having a blast carving soft printing blocks! They are helping me to break through the "artists block" I've been having over the last few days. It's so relaxing and I can go very fast, it's very different from engraving metal and much easier on my wrists! :-)

I just finished one of tulips and I'm making some that have holiday themes for greeting cards. I'm post them for sale here and in my Etsy shop: radiantjasmin.etsy.com

Yes, the Happy New Year is backwards on purpose, it has to in reverse in order for it to print correctly. I will make some test prints with ink and see what areas need a little more carving to sharpen up the images.

I have a lot of Soft-Kut Printing Blocks, that's what have been carving (I can't find out who the manufacture is.) I have 1 each of the Speedball Speedy-Cut Carving Block and Speedy Carve Block that I will carve soon and I'll post my review of all the blocks when I'm done.

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